All Glories to Sri Sri Guru Gauranga!

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math in the Ukraine

Nagar-Sankirtana in Zaporozhye

June 8th, 2006
Zaporozhye, The Ukraine
Report by Swarup Prabhu
Pictures by Gandharva Devi Dasi

Devotees gather to go along the high street of Zaporozhye
chanting the Holy Name. Pictured: Lyudmila, Dmitriy,
Gopiswar Prabhu, Gandharva Devi Dasi, Yudheswari Devi Dasi
and Ananta Rupa Prabhu
This time Yudheswari Devi Dasi and Lyudmila distribute the flyers that
Sripad Madhav Maharaj brought when he was in Zaporozhye on his Ukraine
preaching tour. There is given a broad exlanation of similarities of
Vedic and Slavic cultures.
That is the flyer itself. The topics covered in it:
- Introduction (the history of appearance of Vedic scriptures)
- Sanskrit, the language of Demigods (the connection between sanskrit and Slavic names of Gods)
- Gods of ancient Slavic people (arguements for the similarity of the names to those of sanskrit),
- Slavic God Rod, which is equal to Brahma (four heads, creator of the universe, etc)
- Vedas and Christianity
- An essay on the supremacy of the conception of love.
After nagar-sankirtana we head for the evening programme
at the home of Yudheswari Devi Dasi and Gopiswar Prabhu.
Yudheswari Devi Dasi