Sri Govardhan-Lila Celebrations

November 10th, 2007
Russia, Ukraine, Latvia
Compiled by Kundalata dd.

   The month of Damodar is remarkably beneficial for the aspiring servitors for it presents many an opportunity for congregational and prayerful internal commemorations of auspicious Vaisnava holy days and thus offer a chance to develop, by the service connection, the proper devotional angle of vision. The renowned Govardhan-lila is one of them, and Russian devotees throughout the whole country flock together at temples, nama-hattas, and centres to celebrate this propitious and joyful day on which Lord Krishna manifests the multidimensional lila of His divine power and absolute position (by twisting Indra, the celestial demigod, around His little finger), of His infinite affection for the inhabitants of Vrindavan (by sheltering them all under the loving umbrella of Govardhan Hill and saving them from the watery wrath of the damped demigod), as well as of His notably naughty predisposition towards sumptuous savoury offerings (by extending Himself to Govardhan Hill, and accepting with outstretched arms the mountains of bhoga from the Braja-basis).
   Below is a brief pictorial synopsis gathered from the chief devotee groups of Russia, the Ukraine and Latvia.


During the evening class given by Sripad B.A. Madhav Maharaj...


...that is proceeded by kirtan.


The cake symbolising the mountainous offering of Braja-basis to
Govardhan Hill, having being offered to Sri Giriraj deity, is now
distributed to the guests as maha-prasadam.


Saint Petersburg


Book table and a press-conference (Ashutosh Krishna Prabhu answers the questions)
downstairs at the temple.



Sripad Bhakti Bimal Avadhut Maharaj giving class and leading evening arati.


Crowds of guests seated for prasadam-seva.



Nagar-sankirtana late at the afternoon...


...proceeded by a festive programme.


Gopeshwar Prabhu delivering the lecture.


At the end the devotees and guests take the opportunity to honour prasadam.


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