Public Preaching in Ekaterinburg

November 28th, 2007
Ekaterinburg, Russia
Sent by Ananda Sundar Prabhu
Pictures by Amarendranath Prabhu

   Inspired by the recent successful preaching of Ukrainian devotees in Simferopol and Saki, devotees from Ekaterinburg, the central Russia, led by brothers Amiya Sindhu and Ananda Sundar Prabhus, organise an art exhibition at a local historical museum.
   Ananda Sundar Prabhu reports that the inauguration of the exhibition is attended by more than fifty guests (including a crew from the local television), many of whom later shared that the programme left special and inspiring feelings in them.

During preparations: Indupati Prabhu, Ananda Sundar Prabhu,
and Vinod Bihari Prabhu.


Amarendranath Prabhu (on the left) giving interview to one of the reporters.


Filming the exhibits.


Indupati Prabhu answering guests' questions and managing the book table.


...Giving out the contact information.


During the official inauguration programme, the guests are shown
an Indian classical dance...


...after which Amiya Sindhu Prabhu takes turn and, greeting guests, tells
of the value and significance of the exhibited items, and the Indian
philosophical culture in general.


In the background — Amiya Sindhu Prabhu elucidates the meaning of the pictures
and the stories that stand behind them. In the meantime, Ananda Sundar Prabhu
(in the foreground) open-heartedly answers reporters' questions.



Amiya Sindhu Prabhu surrounded by inquisitive guests.


At the end of the programme, all the guests are treated with
prasadam sweets and snacks.


Ananda Sundar Prabhu talking to some of the interested people.


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