Nama-Hatta in Sochi

October 28th, 2007
Sochi, Russia
Sent by Mahaprabhu Prabhu.

   Devotees from the southern Russian city Sochi gather regularily on nama-hattas to maintain their spiritual life and inspire each other, as well as the visiting guests, on the path of aspiring devotion.

Ishwar Chandra Prabhu reading out from one of our Math's publications.
[Pictured also Lokanath Prabhu.]


Galya, and Vidjaya dd taking turn and reading out from the book "Precepts
of the Spiritual Master" of His Divine Grace Srila Govinda Maharaj's lectures.


Irina reading the Gitanjali songbook.


Honouring Prasadam ends the programme.
[In the right lower corner: Lakshmi Suta dd.]


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