Preaching Activities in Kiev

October 27-28th, 2007
Kiev, Ukraine
Sent by Chaitanya Chandra Prabhu

   On the last weekend of October Kiev devotees take part at a local conference dedicated to dancing as means of personal development. The Kiev yatra lead by Kanu Prabhu receives an opportunity to show the supremacy of the sound culture, and also distribute prasadam to the general public.

Day One

While the guests attend the lectures, Kamalini dd prepares to prasadam distribution.


Later on, devotees sing kirtan inviting the guests to join.



In the evening, devotees return to the centre to hold the evening programme.



Day Two

Kanu Prabhu explaining the ontology of Krishna conception of divinity.


A brief kirtan (the guests are given cards with Maha-mantra and encouraged
thus to join). [Pictured also: Lila Sundari dd behind Kanu Prabhu,
and Chaitanya Chandra Prabhu with karatals.]


At the end, a video-presentation in glory of our Divine Master
and Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math is shown.


On the left — Lila Sundari dd.


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