Indian Art Exhibition in Saki, Crimea

October 25 th, 2007
Saki, Crimea

   Inspired by the preaching outcome after the recent Indian Art Exhibition in Simferopol and armed with blessings of His Holiness Sripad B.B. Avadhut Maharaj, Gopeshwar Prabhu, Yutheshwari Devi Dasi and Kanika Devi Dasi arrange another art exhibition on the Crimean peninsula, at a regional museum in a coastal city Saki. To attract people of different interests, devotees organise along with the general preaching an ayurvedic stall with various production.

First Day

The view of the museum's building where the exhibition takes place.


The right half of the bill advertising the exhibition "Journey into the world of East."


The introductory speech made by the host of the museum.


Guests of quite different ages watch a slide-show.


Soon afterwards, Gopeshwar Prabhu takes turn and acquaints the visitors
with Indian conception of Divinity.




Yutheshwari Devi Dasi advising the guests about the books and ayurvedic production.


Gopeshwar Prabhu talking to a small circle of interested visitors.


Kanika Devi Dasi answering questions of one of the guests.


Second Day

Yutheshwari Devi Dasi and Kanika Devi Dasi making garlands for the pictures of
Their Divine Graces Srila Govinda Maharaj and Srila Sridhar Maharaj.


The view of the devotees' corner.


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