Sripad B.A. Madhav Maharaj in Kiev

October 10-11st, 2007
Kiev, Ukraine
Sent by Chaitanya Chandra Prabhu

   To enliven the Kiev devotees and share the latest news of the Russian mission, Sripad Bhakti Achintya Madhav Maharaj arrives for a few days in Kiev.

Day One

Sripad Madhav Maharaj armed with new multimedia to present to the devotees.
[The chart in the background tells of gradation of happiness, starting with
gross material prosperity, ending with love and service to God.]


Left to right: Madhuradyuti Prabhu, Jasoda dd, Laksmikanti dd, Lila Sundari dd,
Kamalini dd in the background, Nityananda Prabhu, Indukanti dd,
and Swananda Prabhu.


Kirtan at the end of the programme.


Day Two

Sripad Madhav Maharaj reading from Sermons of the Guardian of Devotion.



New guests Katya and Mussa looking over the ancient scriptures of India.



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