Sripad Shrutashrava Prabhu in Simferopol

May, 2007
Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Sent by Kanika Devi Dasi

Continuing his preaching tour in the Ukraine on behalf of His Divine Grace, Sripad Shrutashrava Prabhu visits Crimean devotees and holds in Simferopol (the capital of Crimea, an autonomous republic of Ukraine; for the location, please, see the map) two public programmes at a local House of Culture.

Sripad Shrutashrava Prabhu delivers the first lecture.
(Krishna Bhakta Prabhu interprets for him.)


Two friends of Kanika dd — Ira and Roma.


An Iskcon devotee with her friend.


Ramanuja Prabhu (on the right) and a guest.




During the second lecture at the House of Culture.



Ramanuja Prabhu and Raghunath Prabhu looking over the recent magazines
published by the Russian mission.



An informal meeting at the local Centre of the Biological Medicine.



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