Festive Sankirtana in Saint Petersburg

May 26th, 2007
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sent by Shyama Mohini Devi Dasi

Shyama Mohini dd reports: "This Saturday Saint Petersburg celebrated its 304th birthday. There was orginised a large international carnival that attracted dozens of thousands of participants from all over the world.... At this carnival the devotees represented the EthnoLife festival. Saint Petersburg bhaktas have been tirelessly working day and night to prepare the stage platform.... As the dragon started moving along the Nevskiy Avenue, the devotees, led by Sripad Avadhut Maharaj, started to sing kirtan which continued throughout the whole festival. Hundreds of thousands of people, standing along the roadsides, watching out of the windows, shops, and cafes cheerfully greeted the procession. The sankirtana — escorted by the EthnoLife artists — had been proceeding through Saint Petersburg for two hours...." Here is a set of pictures taken during the preparations and the carnival itself:


Balavanta Prabhu, Makhanchor Prabhu, Shyam Rajan Prabhu
constructing the frame.


Vishvabadhu Prabhu covering parts
of the future dragon with paint.


Shyama Mohini dd and Balavanta Prabhu.


Makhanchor Prabhu.


Gauri dd, Makhanchor Prabhu, and Vishvabadhu Prabhu.


In the meantime, Abhiram Prabhu, Anantadev Prabhu, and Satya Sundar Prabhu
work on the background soundtracks for the festival.


Nandeshwari dd — the main designer of the project.
(The dragon is almost ready.)


At the Festival:

That's what look the dragon takes on in the end.


A partial overlook of the procession.


A closer look at the stage where devotees led by Sripad Avadhut Maharaj sing kirtan.


The accompanying crowd.




Sripad Avadhut Maharaj and Baladev Prabhu next to him. (Behind them:
Amrita Moy dd, Abhiram Prabhu, Amit Krishna Prabhu, and Makhanchor Prabhu.)


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