Public Preaching in Zaporozhye

May, 2007
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Sent by Swarupa Prabhu

Kartika dd and Yutheshwari dd inviting passers-by to the exhibition.


Kitava Krishna Prabhu explaining to the guests the stories
that stand behind the exhibited pictures.


In the meanwhile, the local TV crew takes interviews
with Sripad Shrutashrava Prabhu....


....Gopeshwar Prabhu....


....and Yutheshwari dd.


Having watched the recent TV interview with Sripad Shrutashrava Prabhu,
a mentor from the local orphanage (pictured talking with Gopeshwar Prabhu)
brings a group of boys to the exhibition hall to broaden their cultural education.


Kartika dd and Yutheshwari dd managing the counter with various Indian goods.


By the end of the day, devotees decide to arrange sankirtana.
(Several visitors join the devotees.)




Later, the devotees gather in the hall to listen to Sripad Shrutashrava Prabhu.
(Swarupa Prabhu interprets.)


Gandharva dd making garlands.



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