Public Preaching in Zaporozhye

May, 2007
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Sent by Swarupa Prabhu

Having spent four days in Kiev, Sripad Shrutashrava Prabhu returns to Zaporozhye, where in the meantime the exhibition of Indian art organized by the local devotees continues in full swing:

At the railway station: Sripad Shrutashrava Prabhu and Swarup Prabhu,
Yutheshwari dd, Gopeshwar Prabhu and Anantarupa Prabhu.


Angelina and Kira invite passers-by to the exhibition.


Yutheshwari dd manages the bijouterie counter.



Gopeshwar Prabhu compiles and sells CDs to the guests.


Prithu Prabhu managing the audio-, video-disks couter.


Sundar Shyam Prabhu (in the centre; arrived from Dnepropetrovsk to help
the devotees) talking to the guests at the entrance to the exhibition hall.


Prithu Prabhu preaching to the guests.


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