Nrisimha Chaturdashi Day in Tomsk

May 1st, 2007
Tomsk, Siberia, Russia
Sent by Subhada dd and Balavanta Prabhu

Since the 1st of May is Nrisimha Chaturdashi, the holy Appearance Day of Lord Nrisimha, and by coincidence a state holiday (and thus a legitimate day off) for all the Russians, Tomsk devotees decide to not waste time and to utilize this day in service to Sri Sri Guru Gauranga.


In the city park. Andrey, Majhumedha dd, Jaganmata dd (a little behind),
Nalina Sundari dd, and Subhada dd.



Jaganmata dd distributes prasadam and flyers to the interested people.



On the way to Subhada dd's apartment where nama-hatta programmes
are usually held.


Nama-Hatta Programme:

During the arati. Tatyana, Dayananda Prabhu, Jayindrani dd behind him, Peter,
Jaganmata dd, Majhumedha dd, Subhada dd and Nalina Sundari dd behind her.


Clockwise starting from the foreground: Subhada dd and her little daughter,
Nalina Sundari dd, Peter, Andrey, Majhumedha dd, Tatyana,
Jayindrani dd, and Jaganmata dd.


Nalina Sundari dd preparing garlands. Pictures also:
Tatyana, Jayindrani dd, and Nirupama dd.


Nalina Sundari dd reading Chaitanya Bhagavatam during the programme.


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