Ecological Action in St. Petersburg

April 28th, 2007
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg devotees invite local organisations and volunteers to participate in the regular cleaning programme at the Gulf of Finland, in this way not only taking care of the temple's environment but also giving people chance to come into contact with Krishna consciousness.

Registration stall and giving out the necessary for the cleaning
things (gloves, uniform, garbage bags, etc.).



Urmila dd, Lila Rupa dd.


A local Saint Petersburg TV crew recording the action and the reporter
interviews one of the participants.


A crew of youth representing a political party participates in the action.


A group photo of all of them.


After cleaning the bay, prasadam meal awaited every participant.
On the picture: Sripad Vijay Raman Prabhu personally makes sure
everything goes nicely.


Local teenagers after the action, taking prasadam.


Gauri dd, Indubala dd, Sivakumar Prabhu, Abhiram Prabhu and Anantadev Prabhu.
In the backgroud: Tradish Prabhu.


After the praasdam a small charity performance is presented to the guests
by one of the Saint Petersburg musical ensembles.


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