Festival "Incredible India in Russia"

August 16th, 2006
St.Petersburg, Russia
Photo by Balavanta Prabhu
Report by Kundalata dd

By the inconceivable grace of Srila Gurudeva preaching life in Russia is going on. This time it is cultural festival "Incredible India in Russia" in musical theater organized by the unfading enthusiasm and devotion to His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev Goswami Maharaj of His Holiness Sripad Bhakti Bimal Avadhut Maharaj and a crew of hard-working devotees headed by Amrita Krishna Prabhu, Amrita Moi dd, Isharupa dd, Jaya Kumara Prabhu et al. in collaboration with the Indian Embassy.

The festival itself was divided into four sections: Trade Fair & Exhibition (there various handicrafts was represented); Indian Hall (where a lot of Indian performance groups received an opportunity to participate and show their traditions, concepts and beliefs); Slavic Hall (performance of Russian national groups and lectures devoted to the connection between Russian and Indian cultures); and Cafeteria of Indian cuisine.

Our devotees hold there 5 trade stalls (3 book stalls, a clothes stall and a jewelry stall) and His Holiness Sripad Bhakti Sudhir Goswami Maharaj chanted Vaisnava prayers and gave a brief talk on the main stage in front of about 1,500 spectators.

First book stall near the entrance managed by Sahadev Prabhu,
Nalina Sundari dd (pictured) and Tradish Prabhu


Our chief designer Isarupa dd giving interview to reporters


Sahadev Prabhu


Painter group — Arati dd, Urmila dd


Another interview with Isarupa dd


Prithu Prabhu and Arunalochan Prabhu managing the second book stall


Laksmi Kanti dd distributing flyers


Abhiram Prabhu and Amrita Krishna Prabhu distribting flyers by the entrance


Tradish Prabhu at one of the book stalls


Hemangini dd from Kiev guiding the guests


Sundar Jyoti Prabhu arranging music background


Makhanchor Prabhu Brahmachari giving interview


Sripad Goswami Maharaj talking with a journalist in the hall


Sripad Goswami Maharaj gets ready for the performance


The auditorium


"Jaya jaya deva hare..."
Chanting the glories of the Lord


Sankirtana by the entrance to the theater


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