EthnoLand Festival in Full Swing

July, 2006
Sorochany, Moscow, Russia
Pictures by the festival's guests from
the EthnoLand official web-site
Report by Kundalata Devi Dasi


It is already more then half a month since the grand two-month Moscow EthnoLand Festival — organized by His Holiness Sripad Bhakti Bimal Avadhut Maharaj with the assistance of the diligent devotees — has started. And having grown tremendously since the last year it became quite an event of the summer: most popular Russian entertainment Internet web-sites, magazines, newspapers, TV channels, radio stations — the whole mass media world watches the Festival activities and constantly reports about it.

All the articles and reports stress the main idea standing behind the Festival: to unite various world cultures (Russian, Ukrainian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Latin American, African, Spain etc.) for acquainting people with their customs and traditions and to give some healthy and positive alternative of life and life's values not only to the present and future generations but also to the connoisseurs of the spiritual life.

Most famous and favourite artists, singers, dancers and cultural workers not only of Russia but of many foreign countries as well participate in the EthnoLand Festival. And the whole Sorochany resort where this festivities take place has turned into a miraculous miniature of the globe.

Thousands and thousands of people from all over Russia receive an opportunity to see and learn various national handicrafts, to listen to the ethnic, rock, esoteric, folk music, attend all kinds of general, ethnic, cultural lectures and entertainment programmes, and, what is much more valuable from the absolute standpoint, to either directly or indirectly become acquainted with the beautiful Krishna consciousness conception of life and God.

Every day our devotees hold classes, aratis, public lectures, manage a book stall and, of course, hold the evening maha-sankirtans that attract hundreds of people to join. This all makes a wonderful ground for mass preaching and spreading the glories of Srila Gurudev, Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj, and the renowned Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math.

May the mercy of Srila Gurudev be with the devotees, for only then their attempts to broadcast the message of Sriman Mahaprabhu can be successful.

An overview report on the main activities of the festival

The EthnoLand flyer


The Sorochany Resort

Down the hill there are camps and various pandals for lectures and smaller culture representation located


From the direction of the main entrance to the festival's territory: one of the early days


The biggest pandal where the main stage is located


A part of the residential camps: the picture was taken earlier in July, now the area is quite full



Professional designers were invited to decorate the territory




For an extra charge guests could rent a real Indian tepee


And the conservative guests could live in the modern tents


Devotees' residence


A part of the Russian map of "the globe in miniature"


Daily life of the festival



National trade stalls


Slavic stall selling different kinds of handicraft


Performance of the Eskimo culture representatives


Spain national dances


The Circus. There participated a world-wide famous mime of Russia, V. Polunin


People gathered by the main open-air stage


The fire-show


Recently the weather in Moscow was rather rainy, but the beautiful sights made it worth


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