All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

New Year in Saint‑Petersburg

December 31st, 2005 — January 1st, 2006

Pictures and report by Syama Mohini devi dasi

Establishing the fireplace afloat
Besides fireplace, the soundproof doors were set, so now
children can play dowstairs not disturbing the audience
during the classes
One new element of desidn — a new wall,
on which the wall newspaper devoted to the Vyasa-puja of Srila Giridev
is hanging now
Lila Moi d.d., Urmila d.d. and Syama Mohini d.d. are decorating
the new year tree
The morning on December 31 occured to be really dreamlike
Evening arati in the decorated altar-room
Urmila d.d. just returned from India
Even the Deities Sri Sri Gauranga Radha-Madhava-Sundarjiu wore quite festive attire that day
Milana Severskaya performed after arati few classic bhajans to the accompaniment of violin
Even the youndest took part in the New Year programme
These nice well-dressed trees winked
with their lights to everyone gathered on that day
And in the meanwhile it was growing dusky outside and the ashram's veranda
was putting on more and more dreamlike air
Krishnamrita d.d. and Malika d.d., during prasadam
Urmila d.d. in her youth
Syama Rupa and Ram Lakshman prabhus
Amrita Moi d.d. watching Urmila d.d. and Ramabhadra prabhu
competing with each other in playing the pipes
The begining of the festival prasadam,
Urmila d.d., Syama Mohini d.d. and Ananda Vardhan prabhu Brahmachari
The celebrations afloat
Santa Claus (Saragrahi prabhu)
and his Snow Maiden (Syama Mohini d.d.)
Vijay Raman Prabhu accepts New Year's
congratulations from Ksyusha
To get a present one must perform something.
Sumangola d.d. and Annu Gita d.d. are telling
the Santa Claus (Saragrahi prabhu) poems
Jashodanandan redeems his present
The first kirtan of year 2006!!!
And at the end of the evening everyone joyfully
played in the game called «blind man's buff»