All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Recent programs in Moscow

December 31st, 2005 — January 3rd, 2006

Pictures by Prithu prabhu and Keshav

Ojasvi prabhu, some time ago he thought of starting
to devote himself more to spiritual life and in no time
he appeared to live in the temple and now he is
functioning as pujari


Devotees singing the glories of Srimati Tulasi Devi.
«namo re namo re maiya namo narayani»


Four Indian students arrived from Smolensk about a week ago,
and with a very inspiring mood they do all kind
of seva in the temple


Vasudev Prabhu was going to fly to India on the December 31, but some
difficulties in the airport occured and he spend one more day with
Moscow devotees


It was very encouraging to see that even on the New Year's eve,
on the day when most people in Russia prefer to stay at home with thier
relatives, still some prefered to spend the evening with devotees
in Srila Gurudev's temple


Vasudev Prabhu was giving the class on the New Year's eve,
the last class of the year


Jnana Ananda prabhu comes to the temple almost every day
and does a lot of seva in the temple


Svarnangi dd distributing prasadam and two happy Indian devotees —
Rama Sundar prabhu and Nishit


Svarnangi dd and Avalokita prabhu are destributing
prasadam to the guests and devotees


Nishit and Krunal helping to distribute prasadam


Ramabhdra prabhu in the foreground. He comes almost every
day to the temple and is always eager to help


Prasadam-seva afloat: (left to right) Jnana Ananda,
Nilamani, Govinda Vallabha and Alvarnath prabhus


Devotees chanting on the New Year's eve:
Madhava Mohini dd, Ananta Ram prabhu and Vasudev Prabhu


Devotees chanting on the New Year's eve:
Rama Sundar, Keshav and Sahadev prabhu
and Krunal in the foreground


Sripad Srutasrava Prabhu and his translator, Ashutosh Krishna prabhu,
spent few hours in Moscow airport on their way to Tomsk. Ramaray prabhu, Kundalata dd and Katyayani dd didn't want to miss the precious opportunity to hear hari-katha from the lips of a beloved servitor of Srila Gurudev, so they shared these hours with them.


Prasadam-seva. Ramaray prabhu serving Sripad Srutasrava Prabhu


Few days ago devotees from Turkey presented to our
Russian cultural center the Turkish edition of Srimad Bhagavad Gita



It is said that when one talks about the Supreme Lord he person transfigures:
Inspired Sahadev prabhu is giving a class.



About a week ago Madhava Mohini devi dasi made a "raid"
into flower shops and as a result the temple has been
decorated with the beautiful bunches of roses, that she had
collected as a donation. Madhava Mohini dd also
makes garlands for Sri Giriraj Maharaj every day



Today (January 3, 2006) our devotees visited the Minister
of Indian education in Russia to congratulate him on the New Year holiday.
Here are some pictures:


Rama Ray, Rama Sundar prabhus, N. A. Prasad (the Minister himself),
dr. Kishor, Prithu prabhu


Mr. Mahesh Dikshit (the first secretary of consuler section),
Rama Sundar and Prithu prabhus


Mr. Mahesh Dikshit, Krunal, Prithu, Rama Sundar and Rama Ray prabhus


Rama Sundar, Prithu prabhus
and Mr. Mohan (the second secretary of consuler section)