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Sripad Srutasrava Prabhu's tour in Russia: days three and four (Balakovo).

December 24th–25th, 2005

Pictures by Amarendranath prabhu, report by Ashutosh Krishna prabhu

After struggling through Russian roads for 7 hours, we could make it to Balakovo, right one hour before the time when public program was arranged in central library. After taking little prasadam, devotees went to the library.

Many nice people came to the public program.

After the program, people shown their intrest to our book stall.

Olga, one of workers in this central library, asked Sripad Srutasrava prabhu to sign Russian Orthodox Church prayers book which he happily did.

We were accepted with all hospitality by Aruna Krishna prabhu.

Next day after the public program, many guests showed up in appartment where we were staying.

Srutasrava prabhu cooked a beautiful lunch for everybody: khichri, pakoras with cauliflower and potatoes...

Right after honouring lunch, it was time to leave for the train. Train brought us to Moscow and after spending few beautiful hours in our Moscow temple under care of Vasudev prabhu, we went on to Izhevsk by plane...

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